Coltivare Financial


Our team has expterise in a wide variety of areas in relation to financial consulting

Corporate Debt Syndication

Coltivare is one of the leading firm in the debt syndication market in Hyderabad, with strong relationships with financial institutions, banks and NBFCs both in India and globally. Coltivare is led by a group of experienced professionals who can advise and serve clients in the debt syndication and structured corporate finance space.

Coltivare has been instrumental in facilitating funded and non-fund based credit facilities for new projects as well as expansion, diversification and modernization of existing infrastructure.

Coltivare’s long-standing association with leading players in debt syndication helps us to handle large projects across various industry sectors. We have been instrumental in helping clients across major areas such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Cold Storages
  • Real Estate
  • Pharma
  • Granite & Stone
  • Agriculture
  • FMCG

Tailor made Solutions

We offer assistance in the areas of project finance, working capital, offshore finance, acquisition finance and external commercial borrowings (ECBs). Our expertise spans raising debt financing both in domestic and international markets, with cross-border experience.

We arrange both long-term & short-term finance including project finance for Capex, working capital and trade finance.

Project Finance Advisory

Coltivare provides customized solutions for project finance through the entire deal process. We cover fund-based and non-fund-based finance, drawing up financial models, preparing project report and ensuring timely financial closure. We specialize in financial appraisal of large projects to build a viable lending proposition for lenders like banks and financial institutions.


Financial Advisory

Coltivare offers comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advisory services to companies for solving complex business problems. We understand all issues and challenges that are faced by the client with respect to their business environment. We do prudent analysis of client needs and provide customized solutions based on their organisational processes.

Our umbrella of services here are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Money Management
  • Capital structuring approach
  • Regulations Obligations
  • Equity
  • Assets Management & Investment Advisory

Coltivare understands that your profitability is affected by your ability to raise funds efficiently. We can provide help you procure capital based on your confirmed purchase orders without recourse

Working Capital Management

We understand the relationship between short term and long term liabilities. Our awareness across departments and geographies help clients keep tab on working capital levels. We can help to overcome working capital challenges by: 

  • A. Benchmarking exercises to compare performance against peers.
  • B. Diagnosing and reviewing working capital improving opportunities
  • C. Implementation of sustainable working capital reduction
  • D. Setting up robust and collaborative processes
  • E. Focusing on keys levels of compliance

Structured Finance

Coltivare undertakes all the mandates required to structure and syndicate the capital solutions (both funded and non funded) through non traditional financing avenues. We will help you shift focus from traditional balance sheet reliance to underlying cash flows, assets, contracts and risk mitigation structures. Following are the structures/deals which can be undertaken:

  • A. Pre-export and inventory finance for confirmed orders, export trade, etc
  • B. Acquisition finance
  • C. Asset backed finance
  • D. Bill discounting without recourse

Wealth Management

Coltivare offers a high-level professional service that combines financial and investment advice, Risk Coverage, and retirement planning. Clients work with a single wealth manager who coordinates input from financial experts and can include coordinating advice from the client’s own attorney, accountants and insurance agent.

Coltivare has a team which with its broadest sense depicts the consolidating of individual venture administration, monetary warning, and arranging disciplines straightforwardly for the advantage of high-total assets for customers. We cover a wide range of products to ensure your long term goals align with our strategy:

  • A. Term Insurance Plans
  • B. Health Insurance 
  • C. Mutual Funds
  • D. Portfolio Management Services

Health Insurance

Required in both a personal and professional capacity now more than ever. We specialise in Group Term Insurance for businesses.  It is well know fact that an employee values a Health Insurance cover and its benefit. It is viewed by the employees as the second best thing next to monetary compensation, and gives the employer the added advantage of being able to employee and retain the best in business.

Portfolio Management Services

Managing your investment become easier when you opt for our Portfolio Management Services. This is a high growth product services where the fund invested in the Portfolio of High growth companies with the help of the research team.



Virtual CFO

Coltivare will be part of your business growth by taking care of financial operations like financial reporting, monitoring cash flows, negotiation of contracts, compliance management, Investor reporting and strengthening your accounting team through our Virtual CFO services.

Your Virtual CFO will represent you as a part of team member while interacting with your clients and bankers during important meetings.

Based on the size and growth rate of your company, we can provide a flexible model to hire a Virtual CFO from Coltivare. Our best in class CFO team will help you standardize all financial processes in your organization using their rich work experience. They can also act as your mentors in most cases. Based on your needs, you can retain a Coltivare’s Virtual CFO as low as 2 hours a week to keep your costs variable and low.





Property Loans

Loan against Property (LAP) is one of the variants of the Personal loan, LAPs are secured loans offered by banks and financial institutions using one or more properties owned by you as collateral.

At Coltivare, we offer customized solutions. Getting you the lowest interests rates is our top priority.

We offer a hassle-free process which allows you to close your loan against property by making prepayments towards your loan.

We strongly believe in the ‘Pre-Payment‘ model as an option. No prepayment expenses or punishments. You can halfway or completely prepay your advance whenever with none of the above mentioned charges.

A swift and courteous  service from our side will augment yourconfidence towards EMI payments. This is because there is an inverse relationship between tenure and EMI. Longer the tenure lower will be the EMI and vice versa.



Housing Loans

One can avail these mortgage loans against commercial property and residential property collateral. We will help you: 

  • A. Avail new home loans at best interest rates
  • B. Take top-up loans on your existing home loan for renovation, interior works, etc.
  • C. Borrow up to 90% (subject to slabs) of the cost of the property.
  • D. Option to opt for a loan period of up to 20 years 

Mortgage Loans

In a LAP the property is mortgaged and a fixed percentage of the prevailing market value of the property (normally between 60-70% of  the property value) is given to the borrower as a loan. Through our services you can avail:

  • A. LAP for Salaried and Self Employed Individuals. 
  • B. Long and medium term loans against your property
  • C. Mortgage loans at affordable interest rates
  • D. Raise OD (Overdraft) Facility against your existing property

International Tie-ups

If you are planning to operate across borders, Coltivare has a right solution for you. In a world of intensified global competition, the key to business success is keeping your strategy agile and aligned with your corporate strategy. Our services include:

  • A. Company formation in foreign land
  • B. Local tax compliance
  • C. Statutory filings
  • D. Planning asset transfers between the Indian and foreign companies
  • E. Structuring for cross-border acquisitions
  • F. International Mergers and Acquisitions
We operate for the following countries:
  • Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Georgia , Sri Lanka and Thailand