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Wealth Management


The term “wealth management” is thrown around plenty, in the boardrooms of private client firms, in trade and mainstream articles and by financial advisors in front of clients. Still, most professionals are hard pressed to define the term with any degree of precision.

Coltivare offers a high-level professional service that combines financial and investment advice, Risk Coverage, and retirement planning. Clients work with a single wealth manager who coordinates input from financial experts and can include coordinating advice from the client’s own attorney, accountants and insurance agent.

From the wealthy person’s point of view, Wealth Management is essentially the art of illuminating/upgrading his or her budgetary circumstance. From the money related counselor’s point of view, Wealth Management is the capacity of a guide or warning group to convey a full scope of monetary administrations and items to a prosperous customer consultatively.

Coltivare has a team which with its broadest sense depicts the consolidating of individual venture administration, monetary warning, and arranging disciplines straightforwardly for the advantage of high-total assets for customers. Yet, it likewise is an undeniably mainstream self-marking reference that counsellors and money related agents of various stripes receive, frequently to portray an extensive variety of conceivable capacities and plans of action.

Term Insurance Plans:

Term plans are typically affordable plans that provide full protection and financial stability to your loved ones in case of any unforeseen events.

Health Insurance :

Health insurance plan that offers complete coverage for you and your family and allows you to customize your plan, premium and policy too. It is well know fact that an employee values a Health Insurance cover and its benefit. It is viewed by the employees as the second best thing next to monetary compensation, and gives the employer the added advantage of being able to employee and retain the best in business.

Mutual Funds:

To live the life we imagined, we work really hard for our money. So it is only prudent that our money works equally hard for us. Mutual Fund are good choice to put you hard- earned money to work.

Wealth Management:

Creating wealth is a craft, and so is managing it. Ourteam is trained to hand-pick investment opportunities and carve out a portfolio that is as distinct as your life’s goals and aspirations.

Portfolio Management Services:

Managing your investment become easier when you opt for our Portfolio Management Services. This is a high growth product services where the fund invested in the Portfolio of High growth companies with the help of high research team.

Your Benefits

Necessity of Wealth Management

Coltivare understands your necessity to protect your wealth and know the current status of your finances.

Professional Manager’s Expertise

Coltivare will provide you a comprehensive wealth management strategy which serves as the framework objectives.

A Way to spread your risk

We customize the options to reduce the client’s overall level of risk aversion, without specific consideration of situation.

Financial Goals

Coltivare's team will assesses you financial goals and recommends necessary steps to reach them.

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