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Virtual CFO


As an entrepreneur, you need a strategic team to lead & manage various fund raising activities in your business. Coltivare will be part of your business growth by taking care of financial operations like financial reporting, monitoring cash flows, negotiation of contracts, compliance management, Investor reporting and strengthening your accounting team through our Virtual CFO services.

Coltivare provides Virtual CFO services,  similar to a full-time CFO, Coltivare acts as your company’s CFO.  Our CFO may not be on-site, but is always available for all financial needs. Your Virtual CFO will represent you as a part of team member while interacting with your clients and bankers during important meetings.

Based on the size and growth rate of your company, we can provide a flexible model to hire a Virtual CFO from Coltivare. Our best in class CFO team will help you standardize all financial processes in your organization using their rich work experience. They can also act as your mentors in most cases. Based on your needs, you can retain a Coltivare’s Virtual CFO as low as 2 hours a week to keep your costs variable and low.

Our advisory services do not just look at a one time value-addition to your business, but instead partner with you to design and define a business vision and path that drives continuous growth, as we understand the value and importance of dreams, and we are committed to nurturing them towards realization.

Our Service Highlights

Team Approach

We concentrate our diversified experience on helping you to achieve your financial goals.


Using a Virtual CFO means your business can run more efficiently and can access global talent.

Risk Assessment

A virtual CFO can help analyze a variety of risks for your business to improve financial safeguards.


Our Virtual CFO team will ensure you reach financial success in least possible timelines.

Save Time

A virtual CFO allows you more time to focus on developing and selling new services/products.


Our Virtual CFOs has created amazing success strategies for many businesses.

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