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Financial Advisory


Coltivare offers comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advisory services to companies for solving complex business problems. We understand all issues and challenges that are faced by the client with respect to their business environment. We do careful analysis of client needs and provide customized solutions based on their organisational processes.

Working Capital Management

We understand the relationship between short term and long term liabilities. Coltivare has a unique approach in managing working capital to drive business growth. Our awareness across departments and geographies help clients keep tab on working capital levels. We can help to overcome working capital challenges by

  • Benchmarking exercises to compare performance against peers.
  • Diagnosing and reviewing working capital improving opportunities
  • Implementation of sustainable working capital reduction
  • Setting up robust and collaborative processes
  • Focusing on keys levels of compliance


Trade Finance

Coltivare understands that your profitability is affected by your ability to raise funds efficiently. We can provide help you procure capital based on your confirmed purchase orders without recourse. It is our job to help you the best trade finance deal from a wide range of lenders who are specialized in different finance sectors and industries. We will get the relevant information on your behalf while you can focus on your business growth. We can help you reach key influencers and stakeholders at many different financial institutions to ensure quick processing of your applications.


Project Finance

We understand that the success of any project whether it is infrastructure or manufacturing depends on availability of capital at right intervals. To help you focus on core activities, Coltivare can help you in following activities

  • Preparing Detailed Project Report
  • Capital Structure and Balance Sheet Management
  • Optimum Utilization of Capital
  • Arrangement of medium to Long term debts

Equity Preparedness

Coltivare is known for preparing business plans and corporate finance profiles. We advise on appropriate corporate profiling and creation of group structure to enable right positioning of investors. Our strategies will facilitate you to attract external growth capital in the form of PE, Strategic Investment by Investors, IPO, etc. We also conduct road shows for capital rising from domestic/international private equity funds, venture capital funds, etc. We can find a right equity partner through our access to PE funds, venture capital funds and investment banking firms.


Structured Finance

Coltivare undertakes all the mandates required to structure and syndicate the capital solutions(both funded and non funded) through non traditional financing avenues. We will help you shift focus from traditional balance sheet reliance to underlying cash flows, assets, contracts and risk mitigation structures. Following are the structures/deals which can be undertaken:

  • Pre-export and inventory finance for confirmed orders, export trade, etc
  • Acquisition finance
  • Asset backed finance
  • Bill discounting without recourse


Our Service Highlights

Corporate Finance

At Coltivare, you can rest assured your financial goals are in good hands of our team.


We ensure your company meets all the required legal and regulatory obligations.

Money Management

Our Advisors come with a deeper knowledge when it comes to money management.


We are committed to help our clients improve their long-term financial success.


We follow a holistic approach that encompasses your financial situation.


We deliver a comprehensive range of Asset Management and Investment Advisory services.

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