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Gubba Group

Gubba Cold Storage Private Limited is the pioneer and largest seed cold storage company in India. They operate 16 units with 118 mio cubic feet of Cold Storage registering Gubba as a generic name in Seed Cold Storage Industry. Gubba today has more than 100 cr of gross block.Coltivare has successfully executed the first assignment of debt syndication of Rs. 23 cr in 2014. We have got the client a right mix of loan structure which was cost effective and suitable to its balance sheet. Since than Coltivare have been their one stop solution for all their bank debt related works.

Coltivare have been proactively working on their financial needs and have got additional project loans and working capital limits time and again since last 4 years. Coltivare was also instrumental in introducing the asset light concept in Gubba. Coltivare has identified the first investor for Cold Storage for Gubba, conceptualized the entire structure including deliberations and negotiations on the terms of investment and the returns expected by the investor. On successful completion of this transaction and seeing the advantages associated with this structure, Gubba group has now decided to grow with Asset Light balance sheet and focus more on operational efficiencies rather than worrying about the capital required for growth.


Bhagyanagar Wire Products

Bhagyanagar Wire Products Private Limited is engaged in Copper and Aluminium Wire Manufacturing. The company was having working capital limits and was looking for enhancement in limits to support the business growth. Existing banker was not supporting and was delaying the process since 5-6 months. Coltivare took up the mandate and got another banker to sanction takeover cum enhancement upto required limits within 1 month. Coltivare was successful in  timely delivery of services alongwith the required product mix and best pricing.

Charminar Foods

The company belongs to the reputed Sahuwala group who are leaders in flour mills business across India. The company was proposing to set up warehouse facilities for Dmart in 2017. The construction finance was the need of the hour and Coltivare got an opportunity to work on this debt syndication which was around 60 cr Term debt for 15 years backed by future rentals. Coltivare has also successfully completed the term loan syndication of the new flour mill set up by the group. Coltivare’s Wealth team is mandated to take care of the general insurance processes of all the group companies and promoters. products.

Azad Engineering

Azad engineering is into manufacturing of precision machine components for power generation equipment manufacturers. Its a world-class producer of Turbine and Aerospace Parts required by Power Generation and Aerospace OEMs with customer base including GE, Siemens, Toshiba, MHPS, Rafael, Etc. Coltivare Joined Azad as Virtual CFO in 2014 and lateron Mr. Deepak Bang was added as Professional Director in the board. Coltivare was participating in the growth journey by its contribution in the fields of financial planning, balance sheet management, raising appropriate debt funds, imbibing internal control systems and process, training the team, streamlining the organization structure, etc.

Since 2014 the journey has been challenging with various growth management issues but through detailed planning and long term objectives in vision, we sailed together and prepared the company to become an able candidate to attract equity capital. Apart from the Strategic Consultancy, Coltivare has raised debts for the company form the base of 5 cr in 2014 to 60 cr in 2017 with such loan structures which have reduced the cost of finance by almost 1.5% p.a. Coltivare’s Wealth team takes care of the risk management process by identifying the risk and appropriately covering those risk by apt life and corporate general insurance solutions at the best prices. Coltivare’s Retail team takes care of the home loan requirements of the promoters and employees of the Company.


Jiva Infotech

Jiva is an Enterprise Software company with primary markets in US backed by operations and development based in Hyderabad. Its an 100% EOU Company. Jiva was in the process of buying its office space 2015 and there was a requirement of term debt. Since the transaction was to be completed in 10 days, we proposed to execute the loan in retail segment under Commercial property purchase product with lowest interest rate in this category. The plan was to move this to Foreign Currency Term Loan after 6 months. As per plan we successfully moved the Rupee term loan from Retail Segment to Corporate banking team with FCTL and also extending the PCFC facility for its working capital requirements. Till this working capital limits was, the company was availing such facility backed by more than 100% liquid assets, which was discontinued and Coltivare helped the client in improving their capital utilization and ROE. 

Anuradha Meadows

Anuradha Meadows is a real estate construction company started in 2014 with 1.6 lacs sft project in Hyderabad. Coltivare is associated with AMPL as Project Consultant and has been the promoters on their financial planning, cost analysis, Budgeting, pricing, etc. Apart from project level advisory, Coltivare has extended its services on balance sheet and capital structure management, internal controls, processes, team building, etc. Coltivare’s Retail team takes care of the home loan services for the projects constructed by Anuradha Meadows from the project approval stage to the last mile of home loan sanction and disbursement for its customers who buy their residential units. Cotlivare is proud to acclaim that once we get associated with a client, we build trust and long term relationship which is evident from our past success stories.

Karni Estate India

Karni Estate India Private Limited is a real estate construction company started in 2013 with 3 completed projects and 2 ongoing projects inits portfolio. Karni has built over 1 lac sft luxury residential units and has works under construction of over 2.5 lacs sft. The seed of this business was sowed by Promoters of Karni Estate alongwith Mr. Deepak Bang in 2013. Coltivare was instrumental and integral part of the entire story from conceptualizing the idea to taking the business to commercial operations. Coltivare have been and continues to be the strategic and financial advisor to Karni Estates. The advisory has gone beyond the traditional levels of only financial planning rather we have delivered last mile solutions in most of the departments in the company.
Coltivare has extended services on making the economic viability study of the projects to be under taken, which has helped the company is its decision making processes in the fields of project planning, pricing, costing, etc. Coltivare has designed and implemented project management tools suitable to the level of operations including introducing reporting systems, internal controls, team building, etc. Coltivare’s Retail team takes care of the home loan services for the projects constructed by Karni from the project approval stage to the last mile of home loan sanction and disbursement for its customers who buy their residential units.

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Vanit Agarwal

Mr. Vanit is the promoter of Jiva Infotech. We got associated with JIva for their bank loan requirement and basis our long term vision and trust built up with the client, Coltivare’s wealth management team has started taking care of Mr. Vanit’s Investment. Our team has been able to guide and introduce new products in his Wealth portfolio like Equity PMS, Arbitrage Funds, Rite Funds, etc.



Rakesh Chopdar

The biggest Risk an SME company today carries is the risk of losing its key promoters in anuncertain circumstances. Coltivare was able to highlight this risk to Mr. Rakesh Chopdar promoter of Azad Engineering. With this background, we have structured an efficient tax planning instrument which covered the life risk and also the risk of the company to retain its key people. Coltivare successfully executed an investment and insurance product which has resulted in peace of mind for the promoter and was crucial in their companies risk management process.